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I can assist you with a variety of beautiful patios, driveways and pathways constructed in and around Lindfield Please telephone me on 07966 377145 to work out a speedy quotation for a new patio in Lindfield.

Top quality patio and paving work from a 25 year old established local paving contractor providing a trusted patio slab service in Lindfield for complete peace of mind.

Patio Slabs Lindfield is an online trading id which belongs to Burgess Hill Paving, which is located in Burgess Hill near Lindfield from where it has provided a paving slab laying service to Lindfield for nearly 30 years. We carry out our work with very motivated workers who are able to install slabs for all types of patio and paving constructions, as well as slabs for driveways, to a very exact quality.

All the Lindfield work is fully warranted and we are fully covered by insurance. Scroll down to see images for paving slab installations carried out in Lindfield.

You can also visit my other patio slab website at

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Patio work in Lindfield

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Not like some other patio slab "contractors" in Lindfield who put their slabs on sand, we decided that your patio in Lindfield has to be correctly created to provide you with a number of years of happy use and not live with wobbly paving slabs and weeds growing through.

Before we begin with your Lindfield paving tile contract we need a strong sub-base to provide support for all patio slabs. Our chaps create a thick concrete base which creates a good foundation for paving slabs for your Lindfield garden patio.

The patio slabs are then slowly put in place over 5 scoopes of sand and cement, one on each corner and and finally one in the middle of every paving slab, using a spirit level every paving slab is edged into position with a 2.5 degree general fall to allow rainwater to run away. Any empty gaps underneath all paving slabs are going to be covered with mortar. Pointing the paving slabs is done last when your Lindfield patio is done and the cement has gone hard.

We slice paving slabs into required shapes, such as around a manhole cover, a downpipe or a brick wall so that your patio can look like the best patio in Lindfield.

For a detailed quotation, please ring Dave on 07966 377145 to make an appointment for a free survey.

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Paving slab work in lindfield

We only use the best patio slabs for our work in lindfield

When we install paving slabs in Llindfield we fit only approved quality paving slabs provided from approved merchants. There are so many horror stories where cowboy builders were making their own cheap slabs in their backyard, only for the customer to find them cracked and blown up after the first night of frost.

We take pride in the products we provide. The patio slabs we fit in Lindfield are guaranteed frost proof and scuff resistant and will last for many years. The only maintenance required would be to give them a good clean with a jet washer once every five years, which will make them look as good as new again - or you can leave them just as they are to give that aged rustic look.

All the Lindfield work is fully warranted and we are fully covered by insurance for total peace of mind.

For more details regarding our services you can also contact our main website at

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patio work in lindfield

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